Parent Resources

Grading Policy
We encourage parents and guardians to work together with the school to instill good work ethics and work habits in students by consistently ensuring that students are turning in homework and other class work complete and on time. Students who choose not to turn in work will receive the following grade penalties.
  • 1 day late -  10 points deducted
  • 2 days late - 20 points deducted
  • 3 days late - 30 points deducted
  • After 3 days, a grade of 0 will be given
Certain major assignments, such as the research paper, whose due dates are given well in advance and communicated to students and parents, will not be accepted late, even with penalty, except under extenuating circumstances.

Tutorials are available to students after school each day. Teachers will schedule tutorials with students as needed.
Progress Reports
We will mail home progress reports after the 3 week grading periods.  The 9-week report cards will be sent home with the students.
Transition and Employment Guide